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Lighting applications for your bathroom

Good bathroom lighting requires a mixture of task and ambient lights. When planning the lighting for your bathroom, be careful not to fall in to the shadow trap. Recessed lighting fixtures are very popular these days and are usually recommended. A dimmer switch for versatility should control bathroom lighting.

There are three general types of bathroom lighting;

  1. General lighting provides overall illumination.

  2. Task lighting provides light for a specific task, like reading, homework, and computer work.

  3. Accent lighting puts the spotlight on a piece of art, plants, or other favorite possession.

Place bathroom strip lights to either side of the mirror rather than above to improve visibility for shaving and applying make-up. If using vanity strips with globe bulbs, choose frosted instead of clear to help minimize shadows. Use light sources like fluorescent’s to enhance appearance of skin tones and decor. Choose fluorescent bulbs for the vanity area for energy savings, long life, and good color.

Select a pair of decorative wall sconces to flank the mirror in a powder room. Dim all incandescent and halogen sources to help the eyes adept in the morning from dark to light. Bathroom lighting should be a combination of task lights for specific areas and supplementary lighting for overall background light.

A good designer should be able to create zones, which can be operated independently, creating different moods. Working areas such as the food preparation surface counter-tops and sink should all have high wattage independent task lights to illuminate the area without creating a shadows. For low-level background lighting, choose under-cabinet strip lights, plus a light over the table on a dimmer switch to create the right ambiance for dining.

Now you can use Progress Bathroom Lighting to add elegance and functionality to any bathroom application. When it comes to interior lighting, bathrooms are probably given the least thought of all the rooms in the house.

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